Influenced by the musical work of icons Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions are set to soar to new heights, as they send ripples through the Blues and Rock music scene. Unrestricted by any one genre, the talented group is bringing back authenticity and a unique raw flavor to the tested genre, with unique musical compositions. A force to be reckoned with, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions are currently working on their new album ‘Never Give Up’, performing at gigs in the greater Salt Lake City area and Park City, Utah.

A rising icon in the dynamic and diverse realms of Blues and Rock music, up-and-coming musical collective Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions are driven for success. Having worked diligently on the stirring record titled ‘Destiny Road’ for more than 10 years, the group is ready for breaking into the musical scene. A catchy and soul-stirring mix, “Destiny Road- Rough Cuts” forms a fitting prelude to the forthcoming album ‘Never Give Up’. Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions’ new release is rooted within the same ethos, which they first set up 10 years ago, rejuvenated with a contemporary, raw Rock spin. Using Jefferson Airplane’s old 2″ 16 Track machine, The Manic Emotions had intended to release the album in the Summer of 1995. However, owing to several difficulties and problems that the band had to undergo, including bearing the brunt of incredible personal battles, the plan could not materialize.

Dranow having gotten back together with a new line up, the talented collective is now all ready and psyched to release their new Album “Never Give Up”, while staying true to the times and changes in the Rock and Blues scene. Memorializing their art with the release of “Rough Cuts”, the band is inspired and motivated to start gigging again after 25 years away in the Salt Lake City and Park City areas, finalizing vocals and lyrical content for Never Give Up. Led by the song writing, guitar and vocal genius of Gary Dranow, the band features the talent of Sherm Tate on bass and vocals, and Marty Steinberg on drums. Additionally, the “Destiny Road Live Album” also showcases the brilliance of Jerry Manfredi on bass and musical direction, Jethro DeFries on drums, and Tommy Mars on keyboards. Having gigged extensively in Southern California, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions are now looking forward to spinning magic in the Greater Salt Lake City area and Park City in Utah.

Their riveting singles such as “Destiny Road” and “Mellow Drama”, offer a unique outlook into the presage of life changes as they materialized with time, and the struggles of relationships and Bi-polar disorder. Similarly, “(Made It) Another Day”, is represented by Bluesy rhythms which are enunciated by a diverse musical arrangement, featuring Dobro Slide and Electric Rhythm Guitar, focusing on the toils and troubles of life. Moving themes of love, heartbreak and living through mental challenges are rife within the band’s musical compositions, which include the Live 2003 record “Destiny Road” and “Never Give Up”, an upcoming record in early phases of production.


Sherm Tate Bio

As a young musician, Sherm found himself playing bass guitar for the band Manna, and with musicians that have decorated careers:  Merrill Clark, Bruce Fowler, Alan Weight, Tim May (the real guitar player on M. J. Fox guitar solo in Back to the Future) plus he has had various recording dates, and casuals, some with major performing artists.  In his move to Texas, he found himself changing his style to accommodate more amplified string bass, attempting to emulate major bass artists and coming close in some ways.  Back in SLC area, he played bass guitar for a dance band along with the upright gigs.  For the past 25 years, he has been associated with a few groups of working musicians.  He did a four-year engagement with a church music team including some of the finest musicians in the local gospel music genre.  Sherm called it the University of Gospel Music.  The challenge here was no written music.  One is required to develop an impeccable ear for lines and harmonies, and to do so quickly.  After his four-year graduation, he has focused on upright jazz bass and finding some success as a soloing jazz bass player.   Additionally, Sherm has a composing bug in him.  Along with bass, he plays guitar and violin, and is getting better at piano, having performed professionally on all four.  With Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions, playing bass guitar and singing is a challenge.  It gives the opportunity to study Jimi Hendrix, and to understand the enigma, Gary Dranow.


Bob Smith Bio

Bob is an in demand drummer and drum teacher. He plays in many other Salt Lake City bands including Memphis McCool, The Gorgeous Gourds, Orphans Cabaret and Kate MacLeod.

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