People need good music for their sanity! We at Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions truly believe this and wish to touch the lives of thousands of people with our Livestream Music in our Park City performances. You can attend any of our Live Music Park City, Utah by booking on our website or even hire us for a live performance for any of your events.

We listen to research and science and scientific and anecdotal claims that attending our Live Music in Park City performance as a social experience amongst a community benefits everyone. As Gary Dranow describes, it is an opportunity to make friends, release your anxiety and loneliness and feel happy without making any drastic changes in your lifestyle! He adds further that our musical performance will send vibrations with musical qualities that lead to many natural biological responses that benefit the listener and support synergistic biological responses when experienced in crowd settings. People who have attended our Live Music Park City, Utah, share that the steady rhythm of musical vibrations has even shown improvement in conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Let’s take you to the positive outcomes of attending our live concert!

  • You experience decreased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • You experience a feeling of socializing
  • You experience increased self-esteem
  • You experience increased levels of energy and mental clarity
  • Your quality of life improves

The Live Music in Park City by Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions releases natural occurring hormones in your brain, increasing your social adaptability, trust, and even physical muscle relaxation.

Here is another reason you should consider to book a show with us today- The physical and mental benefits it has for you!

When you hire or book a ticket with us for Live Music Park City Main Street performance, you open the gateway to improving your physical health. Research has proven that just 20 minutes at a live concert results in a 21% increase in feelings of well-being, directly correlating to an increased lifespan and life expectancy. That is the power of attending Live Music in Park City, Utah, with Gary Dranow!

Your feelings of self-worth, proximity to others, and mental stimulation increase, and the more you attend the Live Music in Park City performance with us, the better your well-being.

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